Our History

NuBra was founded in 2002 in the USA. We proudly make our products by hand, using the best and safest materials – including medical adhesives. From the beginning, our goal was to offer women comfort and confidence. Today NuBra is an essential element of women’s wardrobe, but our first product was created for medical reasons. The company founder’s relative lost her breast as a result of illness, that’s when we produced the first silicone inserts imitating breasts for medical clinics. Afterwards, the idea was born to cover them with medical glue to increase the comfort of women after breast surgery, and then the first material bras were produced – lightweight, self-adhesive cups with a closure that allow you to regulate your cleavage. NuBra became a must-have fashion accessory. Our dream was to offer the original products to women around the world, so that each of us can literally feel freedom. Treat yourself and get your perfect NuBra today.

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