About NuBra

An innovative self-supporting, adhesive, strapless bra that women trust.
NuBra is a completely new way to freedom in fashion, for women who prefer “total comfort” over the feeling of being tied with traditional bra straps.

Unlike ordinary bras, there is no closure on the back or straps – there is no more pressure, pinching or bulging skin, all that is uncomfortable in regular underwear. NuBra is distinguished by the fact that it provides all-day comfort and freedom, but also the ability to wear any outfit. Our product is a must-have in today’s women’s wardrobe.


NuBra cups are designed to be slightly smaller than standard bra cups, so that they fit your curves and not cover your entire breast. When choosing NuBra, simply choose your regular cup size.

NuBra must be put at an angle to properly lift and support the bust after closing the front closure.

NuBra is not designed to cover the entire breast, the product would be too heavy to wear. It is made to cover the nipple area and raise both breasts. For women with less firm breasts, NuBra should be worn higher than the natural position of the breast for a better look.





BEFORE: Nałóż miseczki na każdą pierś pionowo, zapięciem skierowanym w dół w kierunku pępka.

AFTER: Połącz miseczki na środku.                       TIP: Chcesz uzyskać większy push-up? Umieść miseczki w dalszej odległości od siebie, aby uzyskać dekolt push-up.









Wash after every use with mild soap (free of moisturizers) and warm water. Do not machine wash!

Just like a regular bra, the more you take care of it, the longer it will last. We recommend cleaning NuBra using only mild soap and warm water, after each use to remove any residue from the adhesive surface.

For best results, the bust should also be washed with mild soap and water and dried before using NuBra. Anything that goes between the adhesive and the skin (including natural skin olis or lotions, perfumes, etc.) will reduce the effect of the adhesive. This also applies to soap. Do not use soap with lotions or moisturizers.

After each use NuBra should be washed with warm soapy water (in the same way as washing your hands), otherwise the adhesive surface will be contaminated and may gradually lose adhesion. Do not rub the adhesive vigorously. It can be gently washed.

Follow the instructions for easy washing after each use:

• Hold one cup in your hand

• Wet the sticky surface with warm water and add a mild, non-moisturizing liquid soap

• Gently clean with your fingertips in a circular motion. DO NOT use nails – they may tear the glue

• Use warm water to thoroughly wash the soap

• Carefully shake the excess water before placing the cups in a transparent case ( attached to the original packaging ) and let it air dry in an area free from dust and dirt damage

• DO NOT USE A TOWEL or dryer to dry the bra!

• Store NuBra away from sunlight to prolong the life of you


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