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Wedding, reception until the sunrise and on your honeymoon!

Over 15 years ago, we designed and patented the first NuBra – which makes it an original, trustworthy wedding bra for every type of dress – providing support, ease and enhancing the neckline.

Allow yourself an exceptional comfort. Only NuBra ensures reliability that will be with you at this unforgettable moment, during a wedding, where you will dance the whole night and you will experience this time with certainty that you will not have any wardrobe malfunctions.

Remember to pack NuBra for your honeymoon travels. You’ll have the freedom to wear strapless dresses and tops, romantic bare shoulders and back, without giving up on breast lift and support.

Besides, you can enjoy sunbathing around the pool wearing bikini bottoms with your NuBra to get a clear tan without straps.

Get the perfect one for you

For your bridal gown we highly recommend an ultra feminine while lace bra or our beige bestseller.

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Brides and Bridesmaids have trusted us since 2002.

Choosing a wedding dress is a priority, but we know how important lingerie, confidence and comfort are on such an important day. We make your dreams come true! In our adhesive bra you will dance all night, you can trust him completely. You also don’t have to give up on any dress style, our self-supporting bra will help you make this decision – it will beautifully highlight the bust, bare shoulders and back.





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